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What style do you identify with?

Hollywood Regency bathroom.jpg

Hollywood Regency


It is golden age of Hollywood. Bold  mixed with black, white and metallics. Some times with bold colors. It screams glamour.

Transitional Kitchen.jpg


Marriage of traditional and modern, pairing of that new thing with the old thing right next to it or combined into it and also some

quirky ness.

Eclectic Bathroom.jpg


Unexpected mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colors. ... These images capture eclectic decorating at its best.

Modern Kitchen.jpg


Modern is comprised of rich details whether sleek or traditional  composed against sleeker silhouettes in clean styles with subdued colors pallet.  The pallet is typically neutral and feels really wonderful!

Traditional Kitchen.jpg


It's a timeless style taking cues from the 18th and 19th centuries, incorporating classic art, antiques, and pieces with history.  

Contemporary Bathroom.jpg


What’s currant right now, natural soft curves, not glass not steel like modern.Neutral tones and natural materials are accentuated. Contemporary is hard because it’s ever-changing evolving every minute. 

Neo-Classical Bathroom.jpg


Revival of the 1800, 1900 century in European decors like arched furniture, columns, chevron floors oversized antique mirrors that make it lean toward a more refined sense of luxury and expensive! Marble fireplaces


Mid Century Modern

Style that runs from approx. the 30’s to the 60’s. Timeless use of materials like stone, glass, wood, mixed with non traditional like metal and vinyl make it incredibly recognizable style.

Arts and Craft.jpg

Arts and Craft

Arts and Crafts home décor makes craftsmanship the star of its style arts, keeping materials simple and organic.

Flooring   +   Porcelain   +   Ceramics   +   Stone   +   Specialty
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