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SKU: 364115376135191

All tiles are custom ordered.  With over 80 colors to choose from.  There are 29 diffrent size field tiles to cordinate with the 6" x 6" decorative tile line.


    These  tiles come 6" x 6" size and can be used in interiors as well as exterior applications including pools and commercial settings.  Field tiles are also available to help in the designprocess, which means your design vision has no bounds.


    Custom or Special and non-stock orderrs: no returns will be accepted. These orders are non-cancelable.  Stock orders - After shipped to customer:No returns are accpeted after 30 days.  Returns will incur a 30% restocking fee, pluf freight toand fromthe shipping location.  Return of filed tile must be full boxes only, all materials must be in original condition and packaging to qualify.  no creditgiven for product returned on non-salable condition.  Stock order - prior to shipment to customer: Merchandise not shipped within 60 days of the initial order date is subject to cancelationand a nd a forfeiture fee.  Storage requires pre-arranged approval from tile Design by fina, inc. and is subject to warehouse storage fees.


    Immediately upon delivery please review the shipment for accuracy of materials ordered, including quantity, quality, and color, and for any problems exist.  All freightdamage claims must be presented in writing to Tile Designs by Fina, inc. and any delivery carrier within five(5) days of receipt of material. Any damage that is apparent upon delivery must be noted on the freight carrier delivery receipt.  Purchaser is responssively for additional freight costs associated with shipments en route for: 1) Re-consignment fees for changing delivery address; 2) Re-delivery fees where failed delivery attempts occured; 3) Additional expediting and/or special delievry requirements.  Tile Designs by Fina assumes no liability for direct for direct, special or consequential damages, lost working time, or any expenses that relate directly or indirectly to variations and delivery dates and times or in the event of a delivery being delayed, postponed or incorrect.

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